Modern Healthcare - 2021-05-03


Oncology Summer Internship program


LED BY American Society of Clinical Oncology IN CHARGE ASCO President Dr. Lori J. Pierce WHAT IT ENTAILS A pilot program for medical students from populations underrepresented in medicine ■ Participating schools include Ohio State University; the University of Arizona Health Sciences College of Medicine-Tucson; University of California at San Francisco; University of Pittsburgh; and University of Rochester ■ Pairing physicians-in-training with mentors who can provide career and educational guidance and serve as a professional resource ■ A stipend to attend the ASCO Annual Meeting to learn about advances in cancer research and opportunities in an oncology career HOW MUCH ALLOCATED Full amount was not disclosed. However, one award is a $5,000 stipend for a medical rotation plus $1,500 for travel to the ASCO conference plus $2,000 to support the student’s mentor. ANNUAL OPERATING BUDGET OF LEAD ORGANIZATION $160.6 million in 2019 NUMBER OF MEMBERS 45,000 members of the ASCO FOR I NFORMATION



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