Modern Healthcare - 2021-05-03


Curtain rises on Zoom opera


Throughout the past year, artists from virtually every medium have paid tribute to healthcare workers who have been at the forefront in the battle against COVID-19. There have been oil paintings, sidewalk chalk drawings, even a kids’ picture book about Dr. Anthony Fauci. The latest is truly one for these quarantine times—an opera performed entirely on Zoom and as a Zoom meeting. Performed by cast members of the Bellissima Opera, “On Call: COVID-19,” follows six healthcare workers from around the globe as they come together to share their pandemic experiences. “To honor either a Health Care Worker or someone who has died from COVID, each cast member has chosen their own character’s name,” according to show notes on the Bellissima website. Bellissima is funded by a Chicago-based arts not-forprofit called Working In Concert. The story is “drawn from 200 articles about healthcare workers,” the website noted. In one scene, a New York healthcare worker “admits he may have caused the death of his grandmother,” while a character in Lombardy, Italy, sings about the resiliency of Italians during the first wave of the pandemic. During a New Year’s Eve call, the characters come together to share positive anecdotes and express hope that the “lifeline they provide each other will extend into the larger world.”



Modern Healthcare

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